A Weekend in Atlanta

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For Andrew’s and my combined birthday gift, my parents paid for me to fly down to Georgia so I could spend a long weekend with him. After a few gloomy and rainy weeks and lots of working, a trip down south to see my best friend was just what I needed.

After I arrived (and napped) on Friday, I asked Andrew to take a walk to Piedmont park, because I wanted to go to the dog park and see the dogs (That’s normal, right?)  Unfortunately, since this weekend was Music Midtown, most of the park was blocked off and there weren’t any dogs out. It was a gorgeous day, though, so we walked around a bit until the heat was unbearable and we needed to go back to the AC.

Andrew had a list of a few of his favorite places to eat and drink planned out, and we spent three days just hanging out, eating good food and laughing. Saturday morning we drove to the Chattahoochee Coffee Company on the river, and even though it was a small challenge to get to (read: inside a gated community…?) it was perfect. The coffee was okay but the river was beautiful and the weather was warm and breezy. I could have sat there all day if it didn’t get so hot…

Andrew also took me to Vortex in Little Five Points for dinner. Little Five Points was a super hip neighborhood that made me think immediately of Erin and Kara. Lots of bearded men with man buns and lots of denim, two things they both love. Andrew had been raving about Vortex for months, claiming it was the best burger he’s ever had and that we jut had to go. It was busy, since it was dinner time on a Saturday night, but we sat outside and had some local beers and talked and talked.

For a while, I kept saying I was just going to order a chicken sandwich, since I’m not a huge fan or burgers, or red meat in general. But Andrew guilted me into it and I ordered a Tex Melt, or a cheeseburger with onion rings on Texas toast, and it was so good. Definitely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had (not counting my trusty Bill Grays hangover burger in Rochester).

Saturday night I (finally!) met my friend Kate for drinks at Ormsby’s. It was packed but it was so amazing to finally meet her in person, since we’ve been texting and tweeting forever now. She was super sweet, and hopefully she’ll be able to come visit me in NYC someday.

I had such a happy time in Atlanta this weekend. Every time I’m with Andrew I’m reminded of what a perfect fit for me he is, and how happy he makes me. I miss him already but I’m so lucky to have been able to spend this weekend with him. Totally worth giving up birthday presents for.

One thought on “A Weekend in Atlanta

  1. Kate says:

    SO GOOD to meet you and hang out with you!!! Sorry if Kevin and I were awkward, we’re old and get tired early haha.

    Also his response when I told him I’d never met you in person: “So this is like a blind date? Did you take me as your chaperone and bodyguard?”

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