Hidden in Irondequoit: Atlas Eats

katie at atlas eats

At the start of the summer, Erin told our friend Katie and I about a place her mom had just visited: Atlas Eats. She told us how it was tucked away, a little storefront in a suburban neighborhood and that it had a rotating dinner menu; every two weeks the dinner menu changes to feature the culinary styles of a different region. One week it will be Spanish Cuisine and the next will be French. They do two dinner settings, one at 6 and one at 8:30, only on Friday and Saturday nights. They also feature a small lunch menu and a bakery.

front of atlas eats irondequoit rochester

We were all super interested in Atlas Eats. We added it to our list of places to go and things to do and then carried on with our summer, frequenting our usual bars and sushi restaurants. But last weekend was Erin’s last one at home before moving away for a year (I’m devastated) so we cleared our schedules and made it there for lunch Saturday.

The restaurant itself, at 2185 N. Clinton Ave, is tucked away in a small building complex. It was actually close enough for Katie to walk from her house. You enter through the back door and seat yourself at one of the little tables and someone will come take your order.

atlas eats muffaletta sandwich



atlas eats menu

table of food at atlas eats

The menu is small but many of the items vary from day to day, so every experience is different. I ordered a muffuletta, which I had never eaten before, but it just sounded so appetizing–chicken cutlets and provolone with tapenade on a ciabatta roll. It was salty and crunchy but not greasy. Heavenly. Erin got a veggie burger (which is made using hazelnuts, so people like me with an allergy should be aware) and Katie got a chef salad. All had generous portions, and mine and Erin’s came with a side of mixed greens which reminded me of the amazing salad I had in Brooklyn last spring.

bake shop atlas eats

I ate my entire meal (woops) and was stuffed, but they also have a bakery section and their bread pudding smelled amazing. Everything is made right there and they feature a variety of different specialties, like brioche and cheesy biscuits.They also sell their own ice cream by the half pint, which was extremely tempting.

flowers at atlas eats

alas eats interior

The whole environment was just so sweet and local-feeling. I liked feeling like a part of the quiet neighborhood. The interior was decorated with maps and clocks showcasing the time in different countries, which was only fitting with their whole theme. We could have stayed there all afternoon.

Katie and I are already talking about going back soon for dinner, right now they’re featuring a Caribbean menu. They also do brunch, which is another meal I’d love to experience there. I’d love to experience brunch anywhere.

Atlas Eats is another little secret spot we’ve discovered and I will be back there soon. Definitely within the next few weeks.

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