Starting Fresh with May Designs



The past few years, I had Vera Bradley and Lilly Pulitzer planners to keep me organized, but after graduating, my needs have changed somewhat. I no longer have three or four classes a day with multiple assignments each, and so I didn’t need something quite so huge and spread out.

Instead, I embarked on an online shopping search for a smaller, thinner planner, with the left-hand page containing days of the week, and the right-hand side free for notes and to-do lists. I searched every site that I knew made quality planners, and so many of them failed me. On a whim, I went to May Designs, a site I had written about when I was working at Lovelyish. I didn’t think they would meet my specifications, but lo and behold, the left hand side had the days of the week, and the right has space for all the notes and lists I could need.

The major draw of May Designs is that you can design them yourself. They offer tons of different patterns in a million different colors, and you can add a monogram or initial on the cover. My mom and I spent hours going through different patterns and color combinations before we decided on the Vintage Bird print in “Spa” with a K in “Melon.” It’s such a sweet color combination that isn’t way too over-the-top, and the K adds a nice little personal touch without being in-your-face monogrammed.


What’s great about May Designs (besides their meeting my extremely specific requirements) is that the inside is also customizable. Not only the front cover pattern and monogramming, but the pages inside are even up to you, too. You can pick a student agenda type, with the two-page weekly spread, or a meal planning type, or even just lined pages to use as a notebook—which I am strongly considering.

The only downside to this type of agenda is that the dates are un-numbered, so I had to add them in myself, which is fine with me, but there’s also no month at a glance full calendar at the beginning of each month. If they wanted to keep the dates un-filled in, May Designs could still add some un-numbered calendars at the front/back of the booklet that I could fill in, too. Other than that, though, it’s perfection.

The planner itself is also a ton cheaper than the Lilly one I had, and it shipped in a little over a week. My mom was confused about the size, but it’s 100% exactly what I was looking for. I can throw it in my work bag or take it with me in my purse when I run errands. That way, I can keep track of my lists and appointments even when I’m out and about.


I love this little book, and I would even consider getting them for friends as a gift, since they’re so cute and inexpensive, but still super personal and thoughtful, especially for a friend starting a new job or going off to school. I am definitely going to be a May Designs repeat customer.

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