Vacation Makeup

Sunday afternoon, Bridget and I are heading to Florida for a few days. As of now, rain/thunder are forecasted but I’m staying optimistic. Regardless, vacation never makes me want to wear makeup, but when I do end up going out to dinner or getting drinks I have a few products I’ll use.


After a day in the sun, I’ll start off with a primer, just to even everything out and make sure my makeup stays on even in the heat. This one isn’t my favorite, but I’m not really in the mood to invest in a new one just yet.

Then I’ll quickly conceal any blemishes (read: zits) and my under eye circles with boi-ing by Benefit. Again, not my favorite. I’ve hit pan on this one and it’s pretty good, it just creases on me, like almost every other one. A little powder usually fixes it, though.

I had a short stint with the Cover Girl foundation that everyone and their mother on the Internet loves, but after a few moths, I came to realize I’m not really a foundation girl, especially when it’s so warm and humid out. This Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is a little pricy, but I’ve had it for a really long time already and it still lasts and it just covers so perfectly without looking or feeling like too much. It also has SPF in it, a huge plus for the when in the Sunshine State.

Last weekend I also snagged this bronzer after going back and forth on it for months. It’s apparently a decent dupe for Benefit’s Hoola, which I really like. It’s also matte and not shiny or shimmery. It helps to blend out any sunburn or awkward discoloration I might get while out in the sun.

On top of that I’d just spritz a little De-Slick from Urban Decay. I am OBSESSED with this. I use it every single day because it keeps my makeup in place and keeps me from being shiny and gross. Essential for when I’m somewhere warm and humid.

On my eyes I’d just do a few swipes of They’re Real mascara and call it a day. Vacation isn’t the time for extreme eyeshadow or eyeliner looks. I just like to keep it simple and easy.

And finally, this lip gloss is my all time favorite. On New Year’s Eve (a delightful mess of a night…) I thought I lost it at Erin‘s house, and when she returned it I couldn’t have been happier. It’s sheer but with just enough color to pull a look together without making me look like I’m trying too hard.

These are basically for any nighttime activities. During the day I prefer just some sunscreen and chapstick and that’s it. Vacation is for just hangin’.

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