Products I HATED

I write a lot about products I really like, but I’ve also encountered products I don’t really love at all. Things that don’t work how they promised or that aren’t worth the money really get to me.


The first product I really hated was the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover from the Body Shop. I ordered a travel size on a whim to get my order total enough for free shipping, but this product sucked, frankly. Yes, it removed my eye makeup but it stung my eyes so bad. Every time I used it, it would somehow get in there and basically make me cry. No bueno. I just got a Boots Botanics eye makeup remover which has already proven to be much gentler.

Second, after I ran out of my Clinique Superprimer and a sample of Lorac POREfection, I went to the e.l.f. Studio downtown and grabbed a primer from them, mostly because it was cheap. And cheap it proved to be. I don’t know what it’s even doing under my makeup, but mostly, it just has the worst scent. I dread using it but I keep doing it only because I don’t want to waste my money. But I would NOT repurchase.

I had included Benefit Erase Paste in a favorites a while ago, but I’m afraid I might have spoken too soon. The salmon coloring of the product is perfect for undereye circles, and I love the idea of the thick consistency, but ultimately it just creases super fast and no matter what I try, I can’t stop it. I wanted to love it but I just can’t make it work. As soon as I can, I’ll be returning to my Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer, the best under eye cover up I’ve ever used.

My mom has been buying me the Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer for years now. It’s always done the job, but after I used the Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturizer I can’t go back. I need to apply two or three layers of the Olay moisturizer and it hardly lasts. As soon and I’m done with this bottle I’m getting a jar of the Boots one and never looking back.

10 thoughts on “Products I HATED

  1. Tiffaspilla says:

    I agree, benefit erase paste is SO GOOD for covering under eye circles but the creasing just makes it not good… :/ I heard loreal under eye concelear is really good! and clinique does a good one as well. I’ve gotten bourjois concealer and I would say it’s not bad for 17 bucks! great article, i’m a beauty/fitness blogger and i love to read other blogs, keep at it girl! xx

  2. smoulderingviolet says:

    The only E.L.F. primer I liked was the mineral primer. I tried a few of the others and I’ve just been so disappointed with them. I like most of their other products and I think they’re a great value, but I’m just so turned off by the primer.


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