February Loves

For such a short month, February felt long. I feel like so much happened (100 Nights until graduation, Atlanta, the Olympics…) that even though it was a quick 4 weeks, it was full and exhausting. Regardless, these are the things I loved this month.

photo 2

Dexter: After I (probably unhealthily) watched ALL of Breaking Bad over Christmas break, I needed to take the entire month of January off from bingeing on Netflix shows. A friend recommended Dexter to me and after a few weeks avoiding it, I dove in. In about a month, I watched FIVE SEASONS. I’m obsessed and attached. After the Season Four finale I just laid in bed and cried for a while. So sad. But I’m definitely obsessed.

Eleanor & Park: I love reading but at school I sometimes find it hard to make time, because I always feel like I should be reading for class and doing actual work. But! When I went to Atlanta I seized the two hour plane ride both ways as an opportunity to get some reading done. My friend, Erin, recommended Eleanor and Park  to me, prefacing it with it being sad. It was so good. The story is just so beautiful and filled me with so much love and even though it did make me cry (on the plane, nonetheless) but it was because it made me feel so well. Definitely a favorite, and definitely recommend.

Body Shop Gloss Serum: In my empties post, I mentioned that I was out of my Eufora Beautifying Serum, which was deeply upsetting to me, especially because it was super expensive. However, when I read somewhere that The Body Shop shares the same parent company (L’Oreal) with a ton of other high-end brands, I started looking into their products more seriously, which culminated in ordering their Gloss Serum. I made sure it had safe ingredients, specifically, no sulfates, and did have an ingredient that heat protects. It was extremely inexpensive, especially because I bought it at 40% off, and it smells so good. Like grapefruit. It makes my hair just as smooth and manageable as the last serum, which is awesome, since I could buy, like, ten of these for the cost of one Eufora.

L’Oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Eye Cream: As I just noted, I’ve recently become fascinated with L’Oreal owning a ton of high end and drugstore brands, basically meaning a lot of the products are the same. I snagged this eye cream from T.J. Maxx in order to combat dry undereye circles, and it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine. It’s extremely thick and moisturizing, and I just love the way it feels on my skin and makes my under-eyes feel.

photo 3

Ralph Lauren Riding Boots: Starting last semester, my riding boots started deteriorating. They weren’t especially well made, but I stuck it out, mostly because I wear brown riding boots almost every day, and the colder temps pretty much necessitate them. Regardless, I wore them until the heels separated from the actual boot about a week into second semester. I frantically texted my mom, telling her to keep an eye out for some made of good, thick leather. Of course, about a week later, this pair of Ralph boots arrived at my apartment. She snagged them on sale from Marshalls and they are literally perfect. The heel is essentially flat, the leather is gorgeous and they’re small enough to fit my baby feet. They took a little while to break in, but after a week or so, the leather was soft. I wear them almost every single day.

photo 4

Atlanta: I booked my ATL trip in the middle of last semester and had been looking forward to it forever and after some frightening weather issues, I made it. And loved it. I was so happy to see Andrew and experience the city and it just made me so excited to get down there and live there. And it was AMAZING to see sunlight.

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