Astrology usually annoys me. OMG my vague horoscope *totally* captures my life right now!! They’re fun to read but they’re so vague and general that it never really seems like a coincidence when they seem like they apply to my life. But after I kept hearing people talking about Mercury being in retrograde, I had to google it because I was tired of not knowing what they were talking about.

Before I talk about what I found out, let me talk about my last few weeks. I rarely have full on panic attacks. Yes, I get anxious but its typically under control. I had two full-blown, crying-heart-pounding-sweating-can’t-catch-my-breath ones this month. I haven’t been able to fall asleep (something that is never a problem for me) and I have just generally been feeling sluggish. Old friendship issues that I could swear I got over resurfaced and dramatically impacted my emotions. I cried on the subway Friday night. Not cute. I mean, I’m not typically the most outgoing person but getting out of bed has been a challenge, as has getting myself to prepare and eat full meals. I’ve just been feeling off.

And I swear to God it’s because Mercury is in retrograde. I swear. Scientifically, it’s when Mercury’s orbital path is behind that of the Earth and it looks like it’s moving backward. It’s been happening since the beginning of this month and will end Friday. But the whole thing is that it’s a period to reflect on relationships (my old friendships coming back to haunt me), as well as for travel plans to go awry (snowstorms in ATL and NYC right before I’m supposed to travel?? forgetting my card and cash the day I need to take a subway home??), as well as just a general sense of things going wrong. DING DING DING. This year, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius (right now), Cancer and Scorpio (can’t wait for that birthday bash…), and these three houses are the ones most directly and intensely impacted by the celestial shift. And guess who’s a little Scorp??

It sounds like a load of shit at first, but it’s kind of hard not to blame it when everything feels so off for no reason. I feel like the stupidest person on the planet saying it, but who really cares? I’m having a tough little month and I’m glad it’s almost over so I can get on with my life.

Happy (almost) end of Mercury Retrograde,world! See you again in the summer. Hopefully this doesn’t impact my move down south.


Beautiful Weekend

photo 4

HALLELUJAH! The sun was out in the Bronx this weekend for the first time in, like, months. I felt like I was living in All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury. Seriously. But the sun came out Saturday morning and is still out and we took as much advantage as we could.

Saturday morning we woke up and after a few minutes of indecisiveness, we decided to meet some friends in the City for brunch. The original plan was Alice’s Teacup on the Upper West Side, but as soon as we got there, they told us the wait was three hours and we walked out real quick. We started wandering down Columbus Ave until we stumbled on Barrique and fell in love.

photo 3

Not only did they have a Mexican-influenced menu and $5 mimosas, but they also had a garden patio. On such a pretty, sunny day it was perfect.

photo 2

Afterward, Kaitie and I walked back to campus and hopped on the Ram Van and passed out as soon as we got back to the apartment. But we managed to have a night out and had so much fun.

photo 5

It’s supposed to get chilly again this week, but this warm and sunny weekend was an amazing break from the nonsense winter we’ve been having.

Spring Fever

Being in Atlanta was such a tease. It was gorgeous: sunny and warm. And then I landed in New York and it was (and still is) snowy and cold. It makes me dream of spring break in Florida that much more. And when there’s spring break, there’s shopping…


How darling is this Madewell top? It’s my classic gingham with a sweet and springy twist. If it weren’t for the price tag, I’d own it already.


Also from Madewell is this sweet little navy ponte skirt. I like how flow-y it is, it would be super cute dressed up or down.


It’s both easy and hard to shop for swimsuits in the middle of a blizzard. Easy because there’s nothing else to do, hard because the last thing I want to think about wearing in these temps is a bathing suit. But the seersuckerI usually wouldn’t go for a triangle top but this might be an exception.


And then this pretty little seahorse print in my favorite combo…navy and white. Love love love.


I live by the 3″ chino shorts at J. Crew. And believe it or not, I don’t have a navy pair. Something that needs to change ASAP.


I’m not a scarf person in the spring, I usually just wear them for warmth, but this one is so cute, and matches my usual color palate.


At the end of last summer I bought my first pair of Jacks, but something like this would be nice to switch it up, or when I don’t want to ruin my Navajos. I’m especially fond of the glitter…


Nothing feels better when on vacation than a breezy dress. And this one in navy and white stripes?? Perfection.


J. Crew Factory knocked it out of the park with this one. Navy, stripes and baseball sleeves? Count me in.


I have a million and one striped tees, but none in this pretty bright pink color. With navy shorts?? A match made in heaven.


I like stripes, what can I say. This embroidered bright pink tee is the perfect spring mix. Sold.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.45.57 AM

I’ve had my eye on a pair of booties like this for months now, but it’s been way too cold and slushy to wear anything with cutouts. But in the spring without socks? So chic, so cute.

I’m dying for all of the above, but more than anything, I’m dying for some sunshine. Counting the minutes until Bridget and I are in Orlando.



Starting off my semester of travel, I headed down to Atlanta for the long weekend to see Andrew and scope out the city. After an ice storm in Atlanta last Wednesday and a nor’easter in New York Thursday, I managed to sneak my flight into the one period in time the skies were clear and made it down late Friday night.

To say I was happy to see Andrew is an extreme understatement. He left before my break was over in January and I hadn’t seen him since. To be there in his apartment and see his life was wonderful. Just being able to see him at all was amazing.


I got in late on Friday, actually, after midnight, so I didn’t see much then. Saturday morning Andrew made me breakfast and then we grabbed coffee at San Francisco coffee. I actually got peach ginger iced tea, but whatever. Still good. Andrew had some work to do so he brought me to school with him and I met his friends and watched some Dexter.


At dinner time we went back to his apartment and changed and got some of the most delicious food at Bantam and Biddy.


After dinner we met up with Andrews roommate and friend and grabbed drinks at the Park Tavern, by Piedmont Park. From there you can see the prettiest view of the skyline, especially at night. Also, Park Tavern had really good looking sushi that’s half off after ten. And dollar drinks every time it rains. Those kinds of deals speak to me.


Sunday, Andrew had class but we squeezed in a trip to Caribou Coffee first and spent some time hanging out before he had to go. After class, he came back and we walked to Fat Matts and got some amazing barbecue. We were stuffed but came back and watched Lost In Translation before I passed out.


Monday Andrew had class until 12, so I slept in until he came home. We went to Taqueria de Sol for lunch, which I had been begging him for since he moved down there. I had heard so many great things and it was so delicious. I want to try all the different locations I’m Atlanta.



It was beautiful on Monday— sunny and 65 — so we went for a long walk in Piedmont Park. It was gorgeous. Not only was the park super pretty, but the views of the city were breathtaking as well. I could have spent hours in there.


The weekend was amazing. I am unbelievably happy I could make the trip down and see Andrew, and spend some time in his new city. We did so much but there’s still so much I want to do. I can’t even wait to get back.


Plus, since I didn’t manage to make plans with Kate, I’m super excited to finally meet her and be real life friends after I’m down there for good.

Andrew and I


Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought I’d take today to write some about Andrew and I’s relationship, not only because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because tonight I’m flying down to Atlanta to see him and it’s our first ever Valentine’s Day together.

Andrew and I went to the same grade school, the same middle school, the same high school. I first met him in high school through some mutual friends but rarely saw him. After he graduated we met again–for real–at a party. After that we hung out a few times while he was home from school and texted all the time. It wasn’t until the summer after I graduated that we became inseparable.


I had heard a million times over the years how ill-advised it is to go to college with a boyfriend, and how long-distance never works. But when it was time for me to go to school, I didn’t even think twice about it. I was happy with Andrew and I didn’t see how it could ever make sense for us to not be together.

Four years later, we’re still together. Long distance hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. Andrew is my best friend. I tell him everything and he tells me everything. I am more open with him than with anyone else I know. He knows the good sides of me and the bad and manages to stay with me anyway.

At the end of this year, we will be done with our long distance, hopefully. I’ve missed him so much but knowing I’ll be able to see him every day in a few months makes it all seem worth it.


What I’ve gathered from these past four years apart has taught me this: long distance is possible. If you and your significant other truly love each other and are 100% committed to each other, then it’s a no brainer. I’ve never once been tempted to be unfaithful, because the thought of anyone else is actually unbearable to me. Andrew and I make time for each other and know each other better than anyone else in this world could.

I love Andrew and I love our relationship and I am not only unbelievably excited to visit this weekend, but also to finally be together in the same city.

Bad Body Image Day

I don’t know if it’s because it’s winter and I haven’t seen sunshine in like, three months, or if it’s because it’s my time of the month and I’m miserable, but the other day I came home from work and just hated everything about my body. I’ve been working out and trying really hard to eat well for the past year and a half and I was incredibly frustrated, feeling like my efforts weren’t paying off.


My biggest insecurities come from my stomach/abs, my hair, and the bags under my eyes. I obviously want a six pack and that’s not something that comes overnight, but it still frustrates me when I don’t feel comfortable in crop tops or swim suits.

Sometimes I love my hair and sometimes I hate it. It’s an interesting texture (dry) and it gets greasy kind of fast. I’ve started loving my hair a lot more recently, but it’s another source of my frustration, especially since I’ve been trying to grow it out since 11th grade and it’s still not even boob length. Not even when I take biotin. It seriously drives me crazy.

Finally, my biggest fixation lately has been my dark and puffy undereyes. I don’t know if they’ve been around forever and I’m just noticing them, or if they’re something new, but they drive me bananas. I’ve been fixated on fixing and covering them for the past, like, six months. I feel like nothing works and it’s like, all I can look at when I see pictures of myself.

I know this is a ton of negativity, all directed at myself, which is why I’ve also decided to focus on the things I do love about myself.


One thing I love are my eyes and eyelashes. I have really long and dark eyelashes and an interesting shade of light brown eyes. I don’t know, but I think it’s unique and people always compliment me on my lashes, which is nice.

I also love my legs. I didn’t always. I have very strong quads and glutes from years of softball and cheering and for years they were what I hated most about myself. They made it hard for me to shop for jeans and shorts and I always felt self conscious. But now I love them. I love how defined they are and I love how they look in jeans and leggings and shorts and skirts.

Finally, I love my height and my size. I’ve been petite my entire life and I love being able to wear heels and wear outfits that might look weird on someone bigger. I don’t mind how hard it is to find petite sizes because I really do love my size. I loved how it let me tumble and I loved how I could be a flyer when I cheered. It’s just one of my favorite things about me. I don’t want to be taller at all.


After a good workout and a good night’s sleep, I felt better about my body. But the whole thing showed me how easy it is to get caught up in the negatives and only focus on our flaws. I know it’s impossible for everything about us to be perfect, because no one is perfect. Our “flaws” are what make us special and different, and it’s something to celebrate and flaunt and learn to work with, not to try to hide or change. Not to mention, none of these outward things define me as a person. They don’t speak to my creativity or strength or determination or intelligence, which are the things that really matter, anyway.

image, image


Back when I was working at Lovelyish, a beauty post I saw over and over again was of empties, and as I started watching YouTube, that type of video popped up again and again. I always find that I run out of multiple products all at once. I don’t know how it happens, but all of the sudden, everything is gone. What I like about these posts is how they not only review the product, but they answer honestly whether or not they will repurchase the same product, which I think is important. You can love a product on paper or rave about it, but the biggest show of support is repurchasing it.

2014-02-09 16.08.02

The first thing that I’m really sad about running out of is this Beautifying Serum from Eufora. Over the summer, my hair was extremely damaged and dry and my hairdresser suggested this. It’s amazing. It fully revived my hair, and I truly believe it has also helped it start growing again. I would totally repurchase this item…except it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum. I ordered this alternative from The Body Shop, and so far, I’m actually liking it a lot.

The next three items are candles. Two from Bath and Body Works (Marshmallow Fireside and Sparkling Icicles) and one from Yankee Candle in Sugared Apple. I love the scent of all three, but when it comes down to it, I’m a huge fan of Bath and Body Works candles. They burn so much more evenly, the scents are nice but not overpowering, and they’re much more affordable, especially with all the sales B&BW has. So I’d definitely repurchase some from there, but Yankee Candles keep giving me trouble.

I’ve raved about the Clinique Superprimer before. I love it. But, again, it was on the more expensive side. It made my skin incredibly soft and smooth, but I’m willing to try other things and come back to it if it really is the best.

A few Christmases ago I got the Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume. I don’t know how to describe the scent, but for years I loved it. It was my “Special Occasion” and “Going Out” perfume. I’m a little sad it’s gone, but I’m too obsessed with my Kate Spade Twirl to miss it too much. I do enjoy Chanel Chance, though, if anyone is wondering…

I raved about this Boots moisturizer in my December Favorites post, and I used up every last drop of this product. I scraped the pot dry. But lucky for me, they sell the Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturizer line at Duane Reade (or Walgreens, I forget) so after I finish up my bottle of Olay, I can scoop up another pot of this miracle cream. Seriously. It made my skin so soft and moisturized, even on the driest of skin days. I also want to try out more products in this line ASAP.

Finally, the Lush Shine So Bright Split End Treatment. This is my second or third one of these. (I think second…) and while I liked it for a while, I’m just not feeling it anymore. I don’t feel like it’s actually making my ends any more or less split, and I feel like it’s actually creating a little build up, which is the opposite of what I want. Plus, Lush is out of my way, and I never feel like going downtown to buy more. #LazyGirlProbs

Side note, I also learned today that if you’re a student and have a .edu email address, you can sign up for Amazon Student and get the same perks of Amazon Prime, but for free (for six months). Meaning, free two-day shipping. I might have placed an order immediately after finding this out…

Get Ready With Me: 100 Nights

So Thursday night was officially 100 Nights Until Graduation, which is all kinds of scary and exciting. Fordham hosted a Senior Night, but much fancier than usual, with a semi-formal “Old Hollywood” theme, and it was so fun and everyone looked so good and there was champagne.

photo 5 (2)

I started off getting ready by taking a shower. I’m really nuts about having clean skin and hair, plus I had just worked out. So I needed a good washing. Afterward, I moisturized every inch of my body.


After I got dressed and moisturized, I went at my hair. Disclaimer: I hate brushing my hair, especially when it’s wet. I use two pumps of my Eufora Beautifying Serum and run it all through my wet hair, and then comb it out as gently as possible.

photo 1

For my makeup, I start by using my moisturizing products and after they soak in, I apply a primer. The one I’ve been using is the Lorac POREfection primer that my mom got me a sample size of. It has a weird consistence, it almost feels oily when you put it on, but it does make my skin very smooth and ready for foundation.

photo 2

Then, with my beauty blender, I applied my CoverGirl Foundation all over my face.

photo 3

Right after Christmas I was a huge supporter of the Erase Paste from Benefit. While I still really like it, I’ve been trying out Boi-ing for my under eyes instead, and I’m actually liking the lighter consistency better.


After I cover my (gross) under eye circles, I set the concealer with my e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder, which is, essentially, a light pink powder with silica in it that sets the concealer and keeps it from settling in the creases. Also, I think there is a teeny bit of glitter in there that helps to brighten up my circles.


Next I set my brows with my Revlon Brow Fantasy gel. The tube has a pencil to fill brows on the other end, but I haven’t been liking that as much lately. I’m more interested in a little bit of definition with some gel to hold it.

photo 4

Finally I set it all with my Essence Stay Matt! powder.

photo 5

I use a little blush on my cheekbones from my e.l.f. Blush/Bronzer duo. I like the blush color but lately I’ve been drawn towards brighter pink shades, since this one is more gold/bronzey. Side note: that bronzer IS SO DARK. I tried it once in hopes of contouring, but this girl is way too pale for that.

photo 1 (2)

And then I set it all with my Urban Decay De-Slick spray before I get started on my eyes.


Since this look is for night time, I primed my eyelids with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin, because I love the darker champagne-y color it gives as a base.


For my entire eye look I use the Urban Decay Naked 3 palate, which I am still obsessed with. I start by blending Nooner into my creases, and burnout on the outer half of my lid. I use Dust on the inner half and then blend the two together. Then I use mugshot on the outer corners of the eyes and blend that in a circle to keep it closer to the outside, rather than blending it with the rest of the eye. Finally I use Strange on my inner corners and my browbone.

photo 2 (2)

Then I use my Maybelline Line Stiletto on my upper lash line, and since it’s old Hollywood themed, I wing it out a little.


Next I curl my lashes and apply my Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. To be honest, yes, I like the mascara, but because my eyelashes naturally stick right out, I need something with a drier formula that will hold my curl better. But for now, I really don’t mind this one.

photo 1 (1)

And now back to the hair. I tried to let it air dry while doing my makeup, but in the end it needed to be blown out to speed up the process.


After it’s dry I apply a tiny little drop of the beautifying serum, just to heat protect it a little more, and I go to town with my 3/4″ curling iron.

2014-02-06 15.43.32

When I finish, it’s usually in tight ringlets, so I run my fingers through it and let it fall a little to a more natural looking curl.

not sure why I opted for an awkward pageant pose in this one, but whatever.

not sure why I opted for an awkward pageant pose in this one, but whatever.

For this theme, I pulled back one side and bobby-pinned it, and then on the side where my “bangs” would be, I teased out my roots so it sort of swooped over to the curls.

photo 3

The dress I wore was the one Andrew got me for Christmas (I’m in love with it.) and a pair of black heels from Target. I threw on some pearls and red lipstick and off we went. I had such a good night and I am incredibly lucky to have the friends I do. I can’t wait to make the remaining 99 nights just as wonderful.