A Letter to My Freshman Self


College has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences for me. I’ve come so far, learned so much and I have changed so much. I am infinitely thankful for every experience I’ve had, but I still wish I could have told myself some things three years ago.


Cheerleading is something you have always known and loved. It was your life and your passion. It was where your friends were and it was what makes you happiest. Don’t forget these things when it gets hard, and when it comes time to stay at school while everyone else is home. But don’t feel like you need to get attached. Branch out. Meet new people. Make lots of friends. And when it stops filling your heart with happiness and satisfaction, don’t be afraid to let it go. It has led you to some amazing people and taught you some amazing lessons, but it’s okay to let go when something isn’t your passion anymore.

When you’re just starting school, Andrew is a new thing and long distance relationships — relationships in general — are foreign to you. Keep him a priority in your life. Make friends and have fun but know that this relationship will grow into something greater and always make sure he knows how important he is. And don’t let the tough times get you down. They get better and you get happier and it makes your love stronger. Hang onto him.

Your friends from home will always be your friends. People have made you think that high school friends fade away, but yours will always be there for you. Make time for them, think of them and keep in touch. You will see them at home and no matter how fun school is, they will always be your family.

Your parents know a lot. Before you left for school you argued constantly but they know best. Bring a rain coat, get some snow boots and save your money. Spend time with them when they visit and when you’re at home, and appreciate everything they’ve taught you, everything they’ve given you.

Schoolwork is important. It’s not as easy as high school was. You will need to read and study and see your professors. You will probably not be able to do your work in bed. Work hard and don’t just float by. Learn as much as you possibly can.

Start having healthy habits as soon as possible. Eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from gross processed foods. Work out. Stretch. It will make you so much happier and you will feel so much better in the long run.

It’s okay to change your mind. Maybe you don’t want to work at a magazine and that’s completely okay. Broaden your horizons and try different things. Your biggest risk will end up being your favorite job.

Your biggest challenge at school with be your friendships. The people you meet in the beginning will not necessarily be your lifelong friends. Friendships might end messily and make you sad and you will question everything. But they will lead you to where you belong. You will want to transfer but you shouldn’t. You will feel alone, but you’re not. So many things will fall through and you’ll feel like everything is going terribly wrong, but it’s actually going perfectly right. You will find where you belong. You will be happy. You have always had amazing friends and you will find more. Promise.

College is not what you will expect. It’s different in a million ways. It’s better, it’s worse. It will change you and it will shape you into the adult you want to be. You are not going to end where you started. You will have a million experiences and they will all teach you something. Some lessons are more painful than others, but they are all worthwhile.

Go to the Botanical Gardens, explore Brooklyn, get a blowout. Experience the rest of senior year and don’t take a second of it for granted.


Kate Spade Surprise

Oh. Another Kate Spade Surprise Sale. I can’t. There are so many great things in this one and I want them all.

canvas5 - Copy

The bow on this bag is so cute.

canvas - Copy

Basically the perfect bag. The leather. The color. The shape. So classic and beautiful.

canvas0 - Copy canvas2 - Copy

Kate’s Eat Cake For Breakfast pieces are Classic Kate. This is one of the original bags, and I have been love it since it sold out on the site. I even contemplated buying the clutch off eBay. It’s just so cute. I’m struggling to resist.

canvas3 - Copy

I love love love the shape and structure of this bag. More than I should…

canvas4 - Copy

Holy perfect. The most beautiful brown color plus a bow and the long strap and short straps. I need.

canvas8 - Copy

I have a crossbody bag I use now for when I go out, but this bag is so cute. Time for an upgrade…

canvas9 - Copy

This beautiful purple color has been everywhere this season and this wristlet would be the perfect way to have a splash of color without having to commit to a whole purple handbag.

canvas11 - Copy

This dress. I’ve had my eye on this pattern ever since it was released in July and I haven’t been able to let it go since. Gorgeous.

Outfit Inspiration: Mackenzie Horan

mackenzie horan design darling

Mackenzie’s blog — Design Darling—was one of the first I came across and followed. Her classic style with fun little details was something that really spoke to me, as well as her love for all things navy and pink. Now I totally look to her blog for all kinds of style inspiration, and if I’m feeling uninspired while planning my outfits, I’ll definitely think “what would Mackenzie wear?” and my crisis is solved shortly. I also blogged about Mackenzie here on Lovelyish. 

IMG_5835  Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset marais navy bow slippers alice and olivia addison bow crop jacket navy rag & bone skinny jeans kensington IMG_8745 Lilly Pulitzer Morely Top


Does she not have the classiest tastes?

Ann Taylor Knocks It Out of the Park

My mom likes Ann Taylor. I like Loft sometimes. I’ve always seen the two as a workplace-attire kind of deal, but lately, Ann Taylor has been pumping out so many things that I would legitimately wear. So chic and classy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.00.23 PM

I don’t know what it is about leather, but I’m all for it this fall. This top adds the perfect amount to be edgy while still being feminine and delicate.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.00.40 PM

Tops with cut-outs that aren’t fully cut out, like this one, are the perfect way to show a little skin or cleavage while still being completely covered.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.00.53 PM

I actually just ordered a pair of pumps from Target but these are so perfect. I can’t stop thinking about them. The chunky heel. And the black and blue. So so so perfect.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.01.03 PM

The bow. I am in love.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.01.09 PM

And more bows, with a smaller heel. But I could definitely see these working with dark jeans at the office for a more casual look.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.01.16 PM

I don’t know what it is about riding pants, but I’ve been all about them this season. I’m in no way an equestrian, but the comfy, stretchy fabric and the leather details call to me.

I spent way too much money last week treating myself for my birthday, but when I get home for Thanksgiving, I’m definitely going to have to hit the mall. Oops.

Best Week Ever


21 is off to an amazing start. I turned 21 at midnight on Tuesday, but even Tuesday during the day was perfect. My boss asked me to come back to intern with Paramount in the spring. I got my paychecks that had been lost in the mail. I got to see a screening of a major movie. I booked my flight to Florida for Spring Break. I met Paul Rudd. It wasn’t even my birthday and I was having the best day.

And then at midnight, Kaitie made sure my birthday started off just right. I was writing a paper but she came in my room and counted down until midnight, and had a shot waiting for me. In the morning I found that she had decorated our living room, baked me cupcakes and left me a present. (Pumpkin spice coffee and k cups and a new mug and sassy party napkins. In an American flag gift bag.) I had class all day but when I got back, her and her boyfriend went with me to a bar and we had drinks. She did such a good job at making my day just how I wanted it, without me even having to ask.

photo 1

After telling me last Friday that he probably wouldn’t be able to come home for Thanksgiving, Andrew even told me yesterday that he actually is coming home!

Thursday, the VP bought me breakfast and complimented my shirt (just a little personal victory) and I got to leave early and take a cab. I got an A on an essay I wrote and I had two packages waiting for me.

On Friday, my bosses got me a cupcake and a card and some wine and we celebrated my birthday. Kaitie texted me at the end of the day and invited me to a drink up downtown that ended up being one of the funnest nights I’ve had at school.


And Saturday, I slept until 2 and then had dinner at Otto, one of my favorite restaurants, with five of my closest friends. I am just so happy.

I know this kind of happiness might not last, but at this point, I’m just enjoying it so much.  Everything that could go right did, and I’ve just been leaning in to all the positive energy and the more I enjoy it, more positive things keep happening.

Next week, Erin and Kara are coming down and then the weekend after, my parents and Bridget are coming. My birthday is turning into a month long extravaganza. I don’t hate it.

If this is any indication of how my year is going to be, I can’t wait.



Birthday Girl



I have been waiting so long to turn 21. Andrew turned 21 two summers ago and since then, I’ve slowly watched all of my friends turn while I sat and watched and waited. Not that I necessarily need to be, but I just want to be. And now I am. Today is a busy Wednesday, but I have lots planned and I can’t wait :)

Life Lately

The past week or so has been, usual, a whirlwind. Thursday was another Senior Night, and the weekend was full of planning, shopping, sleeping and doing classwork.

Senior Night’s theme was Animal Kingdom, where everyone was supposed to dress as an animal. I wasn’t happy about this theme (nowhere near as entertaining as Childhood Dream Jobs) but nevertheless, it was still fun.

kaitie as a mouse (duh) and me in my cheetah shirt...

kaitie as a mouse (duh) and me in my cheetah shirt…

once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader

once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader

Friday night I passed out and Saturday I slept until three. Woops. Saturday night we went to Kaitie’s boyfriend’s house for a party, and on Sunday I just grocery shopped and did some homework.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 5.05.57 PM


My sister and I also decided on a location for our Spring Break Adventure: Harry Potter World! It’s a pretty affordable trip, and the two of us will have an amazing time there.

Wednesday is my 21st, so I’ll definitely have lots on my plate this week!

Gut Trusting


A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I kind of know who I want to be without knowing what I want to be. I have strong opinions about what I like, and I know when something feels right. My gut knows what to do better than my brain most times.

Last year I was overcome by an extreme feeling of FOMO when everyone I knew was either abroad or on vacation over spring break. My rough year and finite expenses landed me back in Rochester for the week, and I was insanely jealous. Even Bridget got to go to Italy. I promised myself that I would do something over Spring Break my senior year.

I figured I would end up in Atlanta visiting Andrew, but because of his quarter system, my Spring Break is his finals week. A terrible time for me to come visit. So when my roommate asked if I wanted to come to Cancun with her and an enormous group of people I only sort of know, I almost didn’t think twice before dropping eleven hundred dollars and joining the crew. But as soon as I texted my mom and she asked “is this something you really want to do?” I knew it wasn’t.

I was unbelievably happy to have been thought of. And when she invited me, Kaitie also added, “if you don’t feel comfortable, that’s totally okay. I just want you to know we thought of you.” I was so happy they invited me it almost didn’t matter what I decided.

I still want to travel, though. While a big group trip to Mexico might not be for me, I’ve set in motion the idea for Bridget and I to take a trip together. As soon as I mentioned it, even my mom said, “that’s much more your style.” And she’s right. I’d much rather travel with someone I know and trust and who knows me well, who I can enjoy myself with and who I can relax with. 401539_3036201312139_886284212_n

There aren’t any plans yet, we’re going to talk it out when my family comes up in a few weeks, but I know this was the right decision for me. My gut never lies.


There are so many things that have become essential to me, but there are also some essentials that are kind of indulgences. Here are a few (unnecessary) things I have been loving lately;


Clinique SuperprimerI’ve raved about this before, but I really can’t say enough great things about it. I especially love how it smooths out my skin when I’m not even wearing anything over it. The perfect way to look put together in a hurry.

American Horror StoryI’m obsessed. I watched the entire first season in a week, and I’m almost done with the second season. It’s perfect for halloween-time, and is scary and horrific while still having a plot and love stories. Amazing. I literally cannot get enough.

iPad Mini:I’ve had my iPad for a while now, but it’s still so great. I use it to watch Netflix and to read and to do readings for class and to listen to music. It’s just something that’s become essential to me this year.

Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea: I bought this on a whim the other day while grocery shopping, but it’s great. It tastes like apples and cinnamon and has a teeny bit of a spicy bite to it. It’s perfect to drink in bed with the windows open on a brisk fall night.

Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T FleeceMy mom ordered me this fleece last summer during Patagonia’s sale, and since the temperatures have dropped, I’ve been living in it. It’s so soft and warm, I just wish it was office appropriate.