A few weeks ago (one? Two? I honestly can’t even remember…) I wrote about how I’m still adjusting to my busy schedule.  And I still am. What hasn’t helped is that over the past two weekends, I’ve been traveling back upstate, completely eliminating the possibility of doing homework on Saturday or Sunday.

I feel like I’ve been running myself into the ground, working, coming home and doing work until past midnight, and then waking up early every day and doing it all again. Of course, I love every second. I love paramount and I love the experiences I’m getting there. I’m excited to finally be taking classes I care about. But the late nights and early mornings are killing me.

As much as I loved seeing my family and Andrew, I’m also looking forward to staying at school and having a predictable routine for a month or so. I’ve even willingly agreed not to come home for Columbus Day weekend.

I’m also waiting to see when I will finally realize that I need to stop saving huge readings and papers due Thursday for Wednesday nights at 10 pm.

I love being busy, but when it’s in my control. I hate the feeling that my schedule is controlling me and that I’m getting worn down in the process. I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat and a disgusting headache and I’m taking that as a sign that I need to regain control. Doing my work as soon as I can and finally getting some sleep.

Weekend at Home


Since Andrew is heading down to Atlanta next week, I headed home for the weekend just to spend some time with him before he leaves. We spent the whole time together doing our favorite things, and it was wonderful to be home with the dogs and just relax.

My bus Saturday morning was at 6:30 and I had anxiety all week about waking up at 4:30 and making it to the bus stop in time. But of course, in true Kelsey fashion, I missed it. I set my alarm for 4:30…on Sunday and woke up to a million missed calls and texts from Andrew and my parents wondering where I was. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt or dead, just asleep. 

I re-booked another bus and made that one (barely) and was home for dinner. 

I came home to a completely re-done bedroom. I have had the same room (blue with clouds on the ceiling, darling, I know) since fourth grade. My mom finally painted over the clouds and added trim and really turned it into a grownup room. The gray isn’t gloomy, it’s relaxing and sophisticated, and the pink accents are perfect. The room is no longer a shrine to my high school life, but a chic space to come home to. It’s so much more adult and so much more me.

On Sunday we also made it to a farm (it is Upstate New York, after all) and picked up fresh apples, donuts, cider and apple freeze, which I hadn’t encountered until last fall. It’s like the most amazing blend of vanilla soft serve and applesauce. Perfection. 

And then we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and just about died of happiness. I’m incredibly sad that Andrew is going to be so far away for so long, but weekends like this one reassure me that he is, indeed, my best friend in the world and that no amount of time or space will hurt us.

I’m so excited for him and I can’t wait for him to start his life, and I can’t wait to meet him down there so we can start our life together. 

all images from my Instagram

More Love For New York


In relation to my post last weekend about feeling like a real New Yorker, there are few things I love more. I love (and hate) when people ask me for directions. It flatters me that I look like I fit into this enormous city that was once such a culture shock to me.

I remember the first time I came to New York when I was in 10th grade. I had fallen in love with the city through the gossip girl books. (Lol) I remember seeing actual New Yorkers and knowing that I stuck out like a sore thumb in my fleece and uggs. And I wanted so badly to feel like I belonged.

I remember that time so clearly. Now, six years later (holy sh*t) I’ve slowly developed my own personal style and I’ve really grown up.

I know style isn’t everything, but I truly enjoy reading about fashion and taking the time to come up with my outfits and put together new looks. I love showing people new brands or looks I’ve found. I love looking for the perfect item for weeks until I finally find the perfect brand with the perfect fit for the perfect price.

If I don’t end up staying in New York, I’m glad it’s given me this time to grow and to learn and to be exposed to something I’ve ended up loving so much.


Help! I Have Dry Skin


Normally, my skin on my face is pretty normal, maybe a little oily at the end of the day. But lately, I’ve had to apply a ridiculous amount of moisturizer every time I shower or wash my face. I use a basic Oil of Olay moisturizer with SPF, but at this point, it’s not cutting  it.

So, to all 50 of you great followers: what is a really good moisturizer? Preferably with SPF, because I’m literally terrified of skin cancer.

Help a girl out here.


Clinique Superprimer


I’m not much of a makeup wearer. Of course, I wear some makeup regularly, so that I don’t look like I’m regularly on my deathbed for work and class. I was always a concealer-and-mascara kind of girl, and it wasn’t until recently that I started investing in nicer products.

On a normal class day, I’ll usually wear some moisturizer with SPF and concealer on my blemishes and some mascara on my eyelashes. On a work day, I’ll also wear my tinted moisturizer (that I love) and some eyeliner. And maybe a little bronzer.

Lately though, I’ve been reading tons of raving reviews of primers. I never really understood them but when I heard that you can wear them without anything on top of them and have a more natural, but still flawless looking complexion, I needed to investigate further.

I spent my lunch break at Sephora testing all different brands of primer on my hands. I ultimately went with this Clinique option and I can’t do anything but praise it. It stays on all day long and keeps my face from feeling oily. My skin turns silky smooth and so so soft, both with and without the tinted moisturizer.

I used to think primer was just a useless extra step, but I am converted. This is something I’ll always keep in my makeup arsenal.

Side note: it also comes in different kinds that benefit different problems, like redness or dullness, in case you have more specific needs.

A Little Faith


My entire life, my mom has talked about her mother’s relationship with St. Anthony. It was something I understood, sort of. He is, of course, the patron saint of lost stuff. And we lose a lot of stuff, my mom and I. When we couldn’t find something, she’d say a little prayer to St. Anthony, and voila, in a few days, the object would just turn up.

This is something she learned from her mom. My grammy passed when I was nine, so I don’t remember much, although I can tell from stories and through my relationship with my mother that we would all get along really well if she were still around.

I’m not overtly religious and I don’t regularly pray for things, so this connection my mom had with her mom had been something shared just between the two of them for a long time.

So when I lost my glasses Monday and tore up my apartment looking for them, and sent frantic emails to everyone I had contacted in the last week, my mom promised to say a little prayer for me. I rolled my eyes at her a little and prepared to just order a new pair, but lo and behold, I walked into the Mac lab yesterday and there they were, sitting on the desk where I had, apparently, left them last week.

That moment, between my mom, her mom and I was actually something really special for me. For one, it proved that my mom does know what she’s talking about, and that the Visual Arts students at Fordham aren’t thieves. But also it helped me to feel that connection with my grandma, and a little bit like someone is looking out for me.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.14.35 AM

I struggle a lot day-to-day, despite being such a functional and well put-together young adult (LOL JUST KIDDING). I always joke with my mom that I need St. Anthony and his constant guidance tattooed across my chest. That is a little extreme, but I am obsessed with this necklace, especially after this week’s events. I’m a sucker for things with meaning to me and my family, and I’d love a delicate necklace to hang above my heart.

There’s always faith. You don’t have to be religious about it. Just knowing that there are good people looking out for you is enough to help you through even the suckiest of days.


Kate Spade Surprise Sale

surprise sale

Nothing better than waking up to a Kate Spade Surprise Sale email. Isn’t that bag to die for?

And with my birthday coming up in a month or so, there’s lots of options here to choose from :)

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.43.43 AM

This Southport Avenue Linda is beautiful. I don’t need a tote at all, but I’m seriously obsessing over this one.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.44.01 AMI’m loving this bag, and I think it would be a beautiful way to take care of number 4 on my 101 list.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.44.11 AM

Remember when I said I was looking for an ID/key ring? Perfection.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.44.20 AMI can’t say no to a scalloped bangle. Ever.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.44.29 AM

Pearl earrings are a staple in my jewelry collection, and these are a sweet twist on the classic.

Is anyone else shopping this sale?

Still In Adjustment Mode


So last week I started my internship with Paramount. And I love it. It’s my first experience with Publicity, but it’s so different from what I’ve been doing and there are so many new things and opportunities and I love it already. However, since I work 20 hours a week, in addition to web editing The Ram and take classes, it’s quite an adjustment. A slow one.

Believe it or not, Mondays are my favorite days. I only have one class, and it’s at 2:30, with a teacher I really like. And that’s it. I can go to the gym and drink coffee and relax and do work in the morning, and have time to run errands and do more work in the afternoons and evening.

Tuesdays I work from 9 until 6, meaning that I need to wake up around 6:45 so that I can make it to work from the Bronx, and I don’t usually get home until 7, and by the time I go to the gym and eat dinner, I’m starting my work at 9.

Wednesdays I wake up around 8 and upload the week’s stories to The Ram website, and then take the 10:30 Ram Van to Lincoln Center, where I have class from 11:30-2:15, and then 6-8:45. Not only am I there all day, but I also have a super awkward break between classes, where it’s illogical to go back to the Bronx. It is nice, though, to use this time to do my Lovelyish posts, and catch up on other work. And sometimes shop.

Needless to say, I don’t go to the gym on Wednesdays.

Thursdays, though not quite as long, they do fluster me. There is a lot of rushing from place to place involved. I work from 9-1, and then have to hop right on the D train to the Bronx for class at 2:30. And then I go to the gym. After that, it’s nice to relax and (maybe) do some work, and try to get a good night sleep.

Fridays are full work days, from 9-6 again. By the time I get home on Friday nights, going out is the last thing on my mind. I’m always just about ready to collapse.

So, my apologies for the long, rambling, complaining post, but I’m still struggling to adjust to my routine. I love being busy and having lots to do and feeling like I’m getting a lot done, but it’s also hard for me to find my groove and not be completely exhausted.

But! This weekend I’m hopping on a bus back to Rochester to see Andrew before he heads off to Atlanta next month. I can’t wait for a teeny little break. But that also means I have to get my work done before I go. Tears.

 I can’t be the only one trying to conquer a hectic schedule, right?


Keep It

This summer I came across and was immediately obsessed. On the surface, it’s a site similar to Pinterest, but it’s much different. Keep is essentially, a shopping site. You can scroll for hours through all of the items other people have “Kept” and “Keep” them on your own page, similar to pinning. What’s unique, though, is that you can click through every item to the site where it can be purchased. Also, right on Keep, the price of each item is listed.

I not only love the site and I Keep regularly, but I love the team behind it. I had the opportunity to speak with them last summer and I loved everything about the company. They’re all fashion-obsessed and all have so many talents.

I love Keep and I think more people should know about it and utilize it. I love the company and I can’t wait to see them grow in the future.

Healthy Pizza?!

The short story: no. There is no such thing as a healthy pizza that tastes like pizza.

The long story: I have been craving pizza for weeks now. I always put it off, saying “I’ll get it this weekend” (I live across from a pizzeria for crying out loud) but I always end up leaning on my clean eating habits and just skipping it. So, I fired up Google and found a clean eating pizza crust recipe.

I have been eating clean (read: real) foods for about a year now. It makes me feel so much better than eating all of the processed foods I used to. I have so much more energy and I rarely feel bloated and sluggish. (That’s not to say I don’t cheat. Because I do–cough–margaritas, tacos, pasta, wine..). I just prefer to not indulge often, so when I’m craving something, I’ll search for a clean recipe first.

I used this recipe the first time, and this one the second, but it just didn’t work for me. I mean, it worked. But it’s not pizza.


I can’t get it crispy, I can’t get it to taste good. It tasted like a thin omelette with sauce and cheese. I tried this, I really did but I couldn’t. It’s okay, maybe, but I’d much rather splurge on the real thing and really enjoy it rather than suffering through something less than.