Spring Weekend Essentials

In case you live under a rock, Spring Weekend is this weekend. And, since this is my third Spreekend (weird) I’m a seasoned veteran.  Here are some tips to keep your weekend from going terribly, terribly wrong.


I was still a cheerleader at this point.

1. Get out of whatever you’re doing on Friday as early as possible.  Got class? Skip it.  Same goes for work. If you must go into work, get out early.  How else are you going to catch up with everyone who has been drinking sitting on Eddie’s all day? So get out ASAP and get out there.


2. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If there’s one mistake I made freshman year, it was too much, too fast.  Pace yourself.  Two days of continual drinking is a challenge, and you have to keep a steady pace if you want to make it to all the events (for all the free food, obvz).

“If you’re drinking all day, you’re drinking Coors Light.”– A few words of wisdom from my dad.


Turning in early for Simon’s? Not acceptable

3. Wear appropriate attire. No matter what your usual style–everyone is a huge raver Friday night for the DJ in black and neon with glow sticks, and an enormous hippie/hipster Saturday for the concert. And nothing says “classy” for the Under the Tent Dance like getting ready under the influence.


Raving attire really isn’t meant to be worn when its less than 40 degrees outside.



Nothing like a 6 PM hangover.

4. Take a nap. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on this one, but I always think a nap is a good idea.  Chug a giant bottle of water after the concert, pass out for an hour or so and wake up revvin to go for the rest of the day.

5. Don’t bring or wear anything valuable. You’ll lose it. Or break it.  Keys, shoes, ID’s, sunglasses–Spring Weekend will claim it all.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 6.05.04 PM

Andrew doesn’t even go here and he lost his ID last year…

I’m sure there’s a million more things to remember, but these are a few of my favorite tips.

Happy Spring Weekend everyone!!

Creating My Own Happiness

I had been meaning to meet up with JG and Caroline for weeks now, and Friday night I finally texted them to get dinner and margaritas after work.  I knew I probably wouldn’t have any other time to see them before the end of the semester, and we had been craving the goat cheese and chorizo quesadillas at El Centro for months.

I had the best time.  JG and Caroline have been like my pseudo-moms for years.  While we did talk about them and their lives at dinner, they also talked to me about things in my life, listened to my problems and gave me some really wonderful advice.  And we laughed. A lot.

And something weird happened.  Though I reached out to them and planned this casual dinner myself, my sometimes-friends all got pretty offended and jealous.  Which I thought was pretty funny, considering they have been leaving me out of the loop for months now.

Regardless, I needed that time with my “moms.” Whenever I’m having a rough time, I can always always always call them up and count on them making me feel better.

Saturday night was my ex-friend’s birthday party.  Shockingly, I was invited, and I planned on doing the friendly thing and going. However, the one friend I was really counting on to come with me and get me through it was out of town for the weekend.  I was in a panic all week.

Saturday night though, I sucked it up and went with a few of my roommates.  We got dressed up, bought some Lime-a-ritas and went to the party for around an hour.  And we had a good time.  After spending all week dreading feeling like an outsider, it was a pleasant surprise to have enjoyed myself.

Long story short here is that I have found that I am happiest when I feel that I am in control of my own happiness.  When I depend on others to make plans and reach out, I feel miserable.  But now that I have been putting myself out there and making plans and doing what makes me happy, I have felt significantly happier.

Being Self Sufficient

One thing my parents made clear many summers ago was that if I wanted spending money while at school, I would be responsible for coming up with it on my own. As a result, I haven been working all summer, every summer, since I turned 16.

Freshman year I had barely enough money to last until Christmas break. Last year, I made it to the end of March. Both times, my parents gladly loaned me money and I paid them back as soon as I started working for the summer. However, this year, I’ve made it to the end.

I was very stingy last summer, hardly spending money and putting as much into my savings as I could. I worked at Hollister over my winter and spring breaks, and carefully budgeted my funds all year. This is the first year I won’t have to ask them to help me out until the end of the year and I am beyond proud of myself. I have had more than enough to have fun with my friends and support my excessive shopping habit.

I even have a full time summer job lined up for when I get home. I’m really proud of myself for being responsible and self-sufficient, and it gives me hope that when I do graduate in a year, I’ll be able to be a fully functioning member of society.

Or as close to that as a person like me can get.

One Small Step for Man

4172013 imageIn case you couldn’t tell this about me already: I’m very anxious and very high strung. About everything.

Last summer I started taking steps to eliminate my excessive anxiety by simply facing all of my problems head on. Some things have been easier than others. One thing I continually have and issue with is placing myself in uncomfortable social situations.

I have clear memories from the fourth, then the seventh, ninth……grades where I would literally hyperventilate before I needed to meet with teachers. My first year of college was one struggle after another. But slowly, the more I force myself to do things the less excruciating they become.

Today my boss emailed me, asking me to cover a press event for her. I literally stared at the email for 30 minutes before I answered. I texted Andrew. And my mom. And before I could change my mind I said I’d go.

For the rest of the day I was so nervous. I felt a creeping tightness in my back and shoulders and a sickening nausea. All I could think the whole subway ride there was “I’m so nervous. I’m so nervous.”

But them I got there. And I went into the event. And I was okay. I shook hands and met people. I tried to pretend I was outgoing. I even started a conversation on my own.

It was a major struggle–convincing myself to go there. But I made it and I’m just so proud of myself for doing something so out of my comfort zone.

One small step for man, one giant leap for Kelsey.

Spring Playlist

In my latest Currently post, I mentioned my love for my Young the Giant Pandora station. With this love came the discovery of quite a few songs that just remind me of warm weather. Grouplove, one of this year’s Spring Weekend “headliners” even made it on the list.

4162013 image



Bonus points: this would be a great playlist to drink hang out to over Spring Weekend. ;)

Who Knew

4152013 image

Weeks ago, I RSVP-Ed to a Career Services event involving a company in an industry I’ve only mildly considered working for, in hopes of maybe getting a fall internship. The night before the event, I re read the description and started having second thoughts. My brain immediately started having frightened thoughts, telling me this isn’t for you, don’t bother going. I almost didn’t.

But I did go. And I absolutely fell in love with everything I learned, and with the possibilities. The whole time I was there, it just felt right, and like I knew what was being said and like I was meant to be there.

I’m a nervous person, and sometimes my nerves overcome me. In this case, I’m glad I’m starting to conquer them.

Things Warm Weather Makes It Impossible To Do

4102013 image

I always think it’s so funny at this time of year. In the fall right when we moved in, all we would moan about is how unbearably hot it was and how we wanted so badly for it to cool off. Now, it feels like we haven’t seen sunlight in a year. I feel like it’s a sin to ignore it.

1. Work. Homework, internship, whatever. It’s not getting done when it’s finally nicer outside than inside. Why would I sit at my desk and do boring work when I can just go outside and lay in the sun for hours and feel nice.

2. Be angry. It’s seriously impossible. I was locked out of registration Monday morning but as soon as I stepped outside, I didn’t care in the least. I might have missed my opportunity to register for a class I wanted to take, but at least I could break out my sandals!

3. Watch TV. I’m a big Netflix-in-bed-all-night-long kind of girl, but as soon as the weather is nice all I want to do is lie outside until the sun sets. And then just sit inside with the windows open in the apartment.

4. Work out. Similar to doing work, when it’s above 70 degrees outside, any desire I have to go to the gym goes out the window. Doing anything except enjoying the fantastic weather is impossible.

And I am planning on completely ignoring the fact that this state of mind is going to haunt me a few weeks from now. But there’s only a month left of classes!!

Currently #2

Now that it’s officially April and Spring, I’ve made a decision to ignore the inclimate temperatures and act like it’s Spring until it actually arrives. As a result, I am into all things Spring.

I am Currently…

4032013 image

Wearing: Bite Beauty Quinta Lipstick | This is the perfect shade of Springtime pink. It brightens up my lips without overpowering my face. It was a little more expansive than I would have liked, but I love it a lot

Smelling: Kate Spade Twirl Perfume | I love all things Kate Spade, and this fragrance is no exception. My mom put it in my Easter Basket and I immediately fell for the scent. Unfortunately, Kate no longer carries this scent, but fortunately for me, T.J. Maxx does, and I might have snagged a tube of the lotion for when the spray runs out…

Shopping For: T-Shirt Dresses | What better way to look cute and work-appropriate than by wearing a springy t-shirt dress? I’ve recently become obsessed with this dress and this dress. Just add a necklace and some wedges and it’s the perfect spring outfit.

Listening To: Young the Giant Pandora | Pandora strikes again with it’s fantastic stations. I saw Young the Giant in concert last summer and loved them, and this station consistently plays happy, summery songs.

Obsessed With: Factory Anya Flats | Remember when I wrote about my obsession with cap toe ballet flats? Over break, J. Crew Factory had a 50% off sale, and I finally splurged on this pair. I’m in love. I wore them once and even the saleslady at Aldo complimented them. They’re perfect for adding a pop of spring to every outfit I own.

Loving: Shine So Bright Hair Balm | I have a personal problem with keeping my ends from splitting. However, after I bought this teeny product from Lush, my ends feel so much better. I use it 1-2 times a day, and my ends still feel blunt like I just got them trimmed. And it just smells so good.

Wishing I Could Afford: Kate Spade Devi Wedges | Last week when I was shopping at Lord & Taylor with my mom we came across these perfect wedges. Not only are they springy, but they have a bow on the toes, making them perfect. If only I had $260 to spare.

Missing Bridget

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 8.25.55 PM

Last week, I landed at home on Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning, my mom and I dropped my sister off at the airport for her senior trip to Italy. (Yes, I’m very bitter jealous.)

While I am very used to living without Bridget, it was weird not having her around at home. When my mom suggested we get manicures, I instantly felt the need to invite Bridget. When we went shopping as a family, I felt like someone was missing. On Easter Sunday, I kept finding myself wishing she was there with us.

Although Bridget and I are two very different people, she is an enormous part of my life. She is my built-in best friend, and someone who completely understands me and the way I work.

While I am a very open and emotional person, Bridget is very measured and logical. I am very scattered and goofy and Bridget is closed but very clever. She helps me to be more collected and calm and I bring her out of her shell. The way we balance each other creates a very strong bond between us, unmatched by any other friendship I’ve had.

I can always count on Bridget to text me back late at night, even if I’m just catching up on Gossip Girl. She’s always willing to shop with me at home and go on lunch dates. I’m always begging her to come visit me, because even though she’s 17 and I’m 20, we very much enjoy the same things, and I want to show her the city, so we can enjoy it together.

Not having her home last week made me see what an impact she has on my life, and I really did miss her. I can’t wait to be home for the summer so we can hang out. Bridgey is my best friend. :)

The Most Perfect (Little) Dress

As excited as I was for Joe Fresh to come to JC Penney, I was wildly disappointed. The selection was amazing and I loved all of the items, but at 4 feet 11 inches, nothing fit.  Even the XS’s were huge and hung on me like a sack. No bueno.

Disappointed, my mom dragged me to her favorite store-Loft. I have a few things from there, mostly sweaters and jewelry, but mostly I find Loft to be a little…mom like. However, their petite section is fantastic. I tried on three dresses and loved all of them.  I ended up buying this one. The length and fit are perfect, and I’m so excited to be able to wear a dress without having to have it altered.


Plus, it was on sale!I’m now obsessed with Loft and want every single dress they have. (Isn’t this one so cute?? I’m waiting impatiently for it to go on sale.)