101 in 1001


1. Move blog and do (some of) my own CSS

2. Go to the MoMA

3. Get a blowout at the DryBar

4. Invest in a classic handbag  10/23/13

5. Go to Brooklyn 4/19/14

6. Graduate from Fordham  5/17/14

7. Visit Chicago

8. Go to Atlanta 2/14/14

9. Do outfit posts on the blog

10. Go to Europe

11. Furnish my first apartment

12. Go to a brewery

13. Get a gel manicure 3/14

14. Watch all of the Star Wars movies

15. Adopt a corgi

16. Go to the top of the Rock

17. Go to the top of the Empire State Building

18. Have tea at the Plaza with my mom

19. Design and order business cards  September 2013

20. Take on blog sponsors

21. See a chiropractor

22. Enroll in a yoga class

23. Go to a fashion show during NYFW

24. Contribute part of every paycheck to savings

25. Open an Etsy shop

26. Go kayaking/paddleboarding

27. Plan and pay for a trip on my own 3/14

28. Invest in a classic pair of heels

29. Get a dress tailored

30. Invest in a perfect pair of jeans

31. Go to a pro football game

32. Go to a pro basketball game

33. Take a wine tasting class

34. Create an online portfolio

35. Meet someone in real life from blogging

36. Go to the Botanical Gardens 5/14

37. Visit a friend at another school Lauren! 4/14

38. Try CrossFit

39. Go to California

40. Buy a new computer

41. Become financially independent from my parents

42. Attend a friend’s wedding

43. Get a dress from Rent the Runway

44. Run a 5k

45. Go out to eat alone

46. Freelance

47. Get 100 followers on blog

48. Turn my phone off for a whole weekend

49. Have an article written about me

50. Start a career

51. Be featured on another blog

52. See a movie premier at midnight

53. Meet a celebrity

54. Go a month without straightening my hair

55. Write a letter to all of my closest friends and family on their birthday Julia: Spetember 2013

56. Take my parents out to dinner

57. No shopping for a month

58. Go on a wine tour

59. Wake up an hour early every day for a week

60. Buy something full price at J. Crew

61. Go to a store opening event/launch party

62. Try 10 new restaurants (0/10)

63. Buy a business suit

64. Get a bikini wax

65. Invest in classic sunglasses

66. Buy a Lilly dress

67. Conquer my fear of dinosaurs

68. Go to one concert a year (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

69. Go home for Christmas every year (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

70. Read one book a month for a year (1/12) Requiem-October 2013, 

71. Go to one of Bridget’s club field hockey games September 2013

72. Have everyone donate to a charity for my birthday instead of giving gifts

73. Find the perfect LBD

74. Get fitted for a bra

75. Watch every season of The Office on Netflix

76. Find my signature cocktail

77. Learn to knit

78. Return to Fordham as alumni

79. Go to a new beach

80. Try a juice cleanse

81. Learn 5 new recipes (0/5)

82. Go to Canada

83. Go to a flea market

84. Buy fresh flowers for the apartment

85. Find a good trench coat

86. Sing karaoke

87. Give up blankie (embarassing, I know.)

88. Take an entrepreneurship class

89. Make a work friend

90. Buy a lottery ticket

91. Attend a charity event

92. Try to eat paelo for a week

93. Throw a party

94. See SNL live

95. Receive fan mail from a follower of my blog

96. Go to a pro hockey game

97. Go to the ballet

98. Go to an aquarium

99. Go to happy hour after work with friends

100. Visit a Fordham friend after graduation 6/14/14

101. Put $10 in savings for each goal accomplished.

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